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Sorrel has a rich history and a special place in the hearts of people all over the world. There are countless recipes, all different but with a clear thread of similarity. Some are very sweet, some are heavy on spices, and others highlight other ingredients like mint or lemon. While many recipes add ingredients and flavors to mask the sorrel, we took inspiration from a traditional Caribbean recipe, stripped it down and made the crown jewel (the sorrel flower) the star. Our process begins with the careful selection and treatment of the dried sorrel. We use a distinct blend from different regions to accomplish the bold yet delicate flavor in our sorrel tea. 


Sorrel and ginger go together like a hand and glove. Of all the flavors and spices used in sorrel recipes ginger reigns supreme in its pairing. We use only the freshest raw ginger in our preparation to add a smooth spicy kick. 


Anyone who knows sorrel, especially Caribbean sorrel, expects it to be sweet. So much so that it's part of the flavor and experience when you enjoy a sorrel beverage. Being conscious brothers, sons, fathers, we know the negative impact sugary foods and drinks can have on the body. For our original blend, we painstakingly worked to reduce the sugar content while maintaining the core essence and experience of the tea that is so loved. We wholeheartedly believe we have found the right balance to give you the full, glorious sorrel experience your whole family can enjoy.


Other recipes may include ingredients like cloves, cinnamon, mint, orange peel, and other strong flavors. We can't knock any of those recipes, because we love sorrel tea in all its variations. However, we feel most recipes try to mask the exquisite flavor and tartness of the sorrel. We push the sorrel to the forefront, sweeten, and add just enough ginger and lemon juice to balance the flavor and acidity. Not convinced? Pick up a bottle, twist it open and enjoy. We know you'll agree.


OLd School Recipe


Sorrel has been praised for centuries by many cultures for its ability to brew so easily, and rightfully so. You can take the flowers, throw them in some water, and leave them alone. Soon enough you will have a stunning magenta tea. You can add heat to speed up the process or mix all the ingredients together and allow time to bring the flavors together. This is how most traditional and prepared sorrel drinks are made. We used this as the inspiration for our process. Our sorrel tea is made in a state-of-the-art facility with our top notch brewing equipment using a process we developed to ensure the highest quality sorrel experience every time. With that being said, each and every bottle is still small-batch hand-crafted to maintain the authenticity and essence of traditional sorrel.